Large Construction Company

DCAA, I wanted to say thank you for all of the help you have been to us.

We ran into a reporting issue with Sage for a report that would seem to be so simple to pull. You guys have treated us much differently than a typical vendor-customer relationship. I feel like you are a true software partner with and more of a consultant to us.

We appreciate, and are looking forward to working with you to fill in the gaps to create the “Ferrari” package we had all talked about in our initial sales calls last year.

I’m realizing that much of our frustration during our fast growing has been from our inadequate tools to pull fast and accurate information.

It is so relieving to know that we are together the best team in the industry to make this information package happen.

I appreciate the times Kevin goes above and beyond to be a second set of eyes and ears for me on other software calls.

I’m looking forward to working together with a long term friendship/partnership.

Mark, I feel that going live is just scratching the surface of where mine vision will be for our company

Can you send me some info on what it will look like to keep you guys “on call” for our future growth?

… feel you guys are the best to make that happen with us.

“Thanks for taking care of this DCAA”

“We are all so pleased and grateful for your help and quick response times. It’s like we’ve been in the desert and are now in an oasis.”