DCAA Solutions

Installation, Configuration, and Usage

  • Business Process Vault

    Business Process Vault is a tool to standardize your unique business processes by allowing you to define, test, approve, and maintain each process.

    Standardizing your processes will give you repeatability and efficiency in every aspect of your business. With Business Process Vault, processes can be be defined to a level of detail that you choose, so that they fit the culture of your business environment.

    Your defined processes can be used to on board new employees and to train existing employees so that they can fully comprehend the duties and expectations of their particular roles.

    Once you have made full use of Business Process Vault, you will wonder how you ever managed to get by without it!


  • User Audit - Continuous Process Improvement

    Ever wonder what your users are doing, how long it really takes them and who needs help?


  • License Server

    General Information

    What is DCAA Customization Licensing?

    DCAA Customization Licensing allows VARs and ISVs to license their custom Acumatica products and customizations to their clients. This will help to resolve the following issues:

    • Removing customizations from Non-paying clients
    • Removing customizations from clients who refuse to return intellectual property once a business partnership or licensing agreement has ended.
    • Prevent clients, VARs, and other business partners from publishing your customizations on unauthorized Acumatica instances.

    How does DCAA Customization Licensing work?

    DCAA Customization Licensing uses a license server, installed on an externally accessible Acumatica instance, to provide a webservice that validates or invalidates incoming license client validation requests. A valid license is determined by a non-expired and non-lockout client license where the license key is valid for the client Acumatica installation ID. Validation routines and related data use safeguards such as RSA encryption, hashing algorithms, and checksums so that license validation is not easily defeated.

    What types of customizations can be licensed?

    DCAA Customization Licensing enforces licensing on Acumatica graphs and graph extensions. Therefore, any Acumatica screen with an underlying graph or graph extension can be licensed. Making a customization licensable requires adding a simple Product License file and making a few simple changes to the definition of each graph and/or graph extension that you wish to license. Customizations that don’t include graphs are not licensable. Customizations that are not licensable include reports, generic inquiries, dashboards, webservices, etc.

    How do I install DCAA Customization Licensing?

    DCAA Customization Licensing is composed of the following customization packages:

    • Server-side installation package:
      • DCAALicenseServer.zip - server-side creation and management of client customization licenses. This install is required only for VARs and ISVs who will implement, sell, and manage licensed customizations.

    • Client-side installation packages:
      • DCAALicenseClient.zip - required install on client Acumatica instances to license customization packages.

      • DCAALicenseClientConfig.zip - Required install on client Acumatica instances to define license server used for validation.

  • Project Lightening Coder for Project Accounting (PLC)

    If you are using Acumatica Project Accounting, then this is a must see! PLC saves thousands of hours in AP by assigning all lines at once with the right:

    Project Task, Cost Code, GL, and Task:

    Project Lightening Coder for Project Accounting (PLC)

  • AP Automation - Office 365 Email to AP Invoices RPA/Bot -- DCAA Digital Worker!

    Robotic Automation RPA, Digital Works, Want to eliminate ALL labor, then this is a must see!

    AP Automation scans your Office 365 account for invoices and enters them into Acumatica!

  • Ring Central

    Record Capture all calls! Enter the call as an activity in Acumatica and a lot more!

  • Supply Chain Management via EDI

    EDI in Acumatica Purchasing